Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creative Common licence

I visited http://www.creativecommons.org.nz/ and read up on the different types of licences, i ended up choosing the Attribution one... which states:

  • This licence lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licences offered, in terms of what others can do with your works licensed under Attribution.

I decided to use this Creative Common licence, because i don't mind if anyone uses my stuff.. i think that it is silly to say that you cant use it, when you can still use it by copy-paste etc. So yes anyone can use my info/images for any means necessary.

Link to my Online Presence

Here is the URL for my web page on Google sites...


... I wish i used another program for this... I found it really confusing and hard to get used to.. seeing as how we only had a short period of time to complete this.
Here are some images which i took of objects in my house which i couldn't live without...

This photo is of my Ipod... Which I thought I couldn’t live without... But because it got stolen I have learnt I can actually live without it!!

This is a photo of my cell phone... a technological device which i couldn't live without....
I took this with my digital camera and uploaded it to the computer

This is a photo of my TV; this would be another technological device that i couldn't live without...

My First Slideshow...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Melbourne Video- Project drawing idea

This is a similar idea which i have for my project drawing final project..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The most useful website ever!!! NOT


You HAVE to check this out.. it is a CWOT

Flat Earth, Thomson & Craighead 2007

Week 11: What is Electronic Art?

I looked at the Thomson & Craighead website, and found a little information about them from wikipedia as well...

  • Jon Thomson (born 1969) and Alison Craighead (born 1971) are London-based visual-artists, who work with video, sound and the Internet.
  • Jon Thomson was born in London, England and Alison Craighead in Aberdeen, Scotland.
    They have been working together with video, sound and the Internet since 1993.
  • Much of their work to date explores how technology changes the way we perceive the world around us.
  • They use live data to make artworks, including "template cinema online artworks" and gallery installations, where networked movies are created in real time from online material such as remote-user security web cams, audio feeds and chat room text transcripts.
  • Recently (as of 2008) they have made outdoor semi-permanent works, Decorative Newsfeeds and BEACON, where the emphasis is on how live virtual information might interact with physical public space.
  • In 2008 they made an animated documentary, Flat Earth, where the voices of bloggers found online are combined with public domain satellite imagery.

Flat Earth is one of Thomson & Craigheads short films. Flat Earth is a desktop documentary, which takes the viewer on a seven minute trip around the world so that we encounter a series of fragments taken from real peoples' blogs. These fragments are knitted together to form a kind of story or singular narrative.

The link to this film is http://www.thomson-craighead.net/docs/warfilm.htmlm, and i have also uploaded the clip to my blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 10: Online Presence

This week in Digi Lit, we learned about having an 'Online Presence'.

3 Examples of this are:

  • A C.V (Having a C.V online means that anybody can access it from anywhere and it can be done instantly from a computer).
  • Portfolio (By having a portfolio online means that anybody can access it from anywhere at anytime really easily, you can get your name out there as an artist and use it to promote yourself).
  • Information online (So, when you are overseas, you can still have a space online to help you access information from any computer, and you can show people your work etc).

I think that having just a general online space is important and really useful. By having an online presence you can easily show people images of anything, videos you are into, images of your art work, and if you go overseas you can still access it from over there. A blog or a website is a really nice and easy was of having a space, and you can design it and make it your own.

I have decided to use Google Sites for my Online presence!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video on Free and Open Source Software

Open Software Vs. Free Software

So, what is the differnce between these two.. is the a difference?

-Both are basically the same, except the free software movement puts more emphasis on the freedom to modify and redistribute the code. For example, GNU GPL would be more "free" than MIT licence, because MIT license does not enforce copyleft and thus someone can develop closed-source software based on the code.
See Wikipedia chapter about this, which mentions Microsoft shared source inititive, that can provide you with very unfree source code of their applications.

Scanned picture of Ben

This is an image which i scanned on to the computer, it is a picture of my brother!

Video URL - about Free Software

This is just one of the many videos about Free Software and i chose this one because i think it sums Free Software up pretty good... This is just the URL, but i have also uploaded the video onto my blog for you to watch.. look for recent posts to see it !!


Free Software + Open Source software

This weeks lecture was on Free Software. I am going to upload some things about Free Software and some programmes available....

  • Well.. Free Software or software libre is software that can be used, studied and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed to anybody in anyway.


  • GIMP- Image editing
  • Audacity- Audio editing
  • Blender- 3D-Animation
  • Inkscape- Graphics
  • OpenOffice- Office suite

All of these software programmes are available to use on Windows and Mac.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

George Harrison Vs Ronald Mack

George Harrison was sued for his song 'My Sweet Lord' for allegedly infringing the copyright on the song 'He's So Fine' composed by Ronald Mack and performed by The Chiffons. The copyright was assigned to Bright Tunes Music Corp. 'He's So Fine' was a top hit in 1963.

I have listened to both these songs several times and this is my opinion of the situation:

  • Melody: 2
  • Harmony/Chordal structure:3
  • Rhythm:4
  • Tempo:3
  • Lyrics:3
  • Instruments:2

RATING SYSTEM: 1=Not alike in any way 2=Barely the same 3=Somewhat alike 4=Very similar 5= Exactly the same

Other things that i found were similar:

  • Back up vocals
  • Layout of the song
  • Both about a man

Other things that i found were different:

  • Speed
  • "My Sweet Lord" is repetitive, and "He's So Fine" is rhymed.

I think that to some extent, song writers will borrow musical ideas off many other people. This is how the music industry changes, as we adapt to other artists and new styles. George Harrison being found guilty of copyright infringement is slightly over the top, as i have heard many other songs which sound so much more alike than these two. Everybody learns and creates ideas through experience and learning through others, because it is in out nature.

If you want to check these songs out for yourself, please go to this address: http://www.benedict.com/audio/Harrison/Harrison.aspx ...and comment on my blog to let me know your opinion!! :)

Copyright Terms of Use-Tweet Tweet Cute Free Twitter Bird Icon

I found this image using Google search. This is what it says..

'Yes, another free twitter icon. Dear readers, it’s been a long time since I offered you a freebie. Today I am giving away layered vector file of a cute twitter bird icon!... The icons are totally free from any copyright laws, you can use it for any commercial or personal projects. Only one condition, the icons may not be offered for free downloading directly from any other websites without my permission'.

So pretty much, i can use this image how ever i like, but i can't offer it for free downloading directly from any other site.. without their permission.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Digital literacy stuff: Slideshow presentation


Week 3 dig lit

Here are some notes that i took on the week 3 lecture which my be useful to you...
  • Hardware
  • Software

Online software:

  • Access in a browser
  • Access anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Access from any computer
  • Collaborate with others
  • Can be slower, dependant on the Internet connection


  • Referencing with section or page numbers
  • Footnote numbering

Important info about presentation:

  • When you are working on an academic paper, the presentation must be impeccable.
  • Formatting enhances the appearance and readability of the document.
  • Readers can focus on the ideas you present in your paper. and not distracted by formatting inconsistencies.

Referencing/style - Chicago Manual

Handy websites:

-For researching:

-For artists:

Some online software:

  • Google notebook (online)
  • Adobe buzzword (online)
  • Open office (download)

Formatting + Graphic design:

  • Keep it simple
  • Take things away, don't add more
  • Steal! Use other sources for inspiration

Large/small fonts:

  • Too big/small can affect readability
  • Times new roman 12 is defult
  • Avoid fancy/exotic fonts for text body
  • One font is usually enough
  • A sans-serif font can be easier to read and may be appropriate for titles or section headings
  • Keep it simple and to a minimum