Tuesday, April 7, 2009

George Harrison Vs Ronald Mack

George Harrison was sued for his song 'My Sweet Lord' for allegedly infringing the copyright on the song 'He's So Fine' composed by Ronald Mack and performed by The Chiffons. The copyright was assigned to Bright Tunes Music Corp. 'He's So Fine' was a top hit in 1963.

I have listened to both these songs several times and this is my opinion of the situation:

  • Melody: 2
  • Harmony/Chordal structure:3
  • Rhythm:4
  • Tempo:3
  • Lyrics:3
  • Instruments:2

RATING SYSTEM: 1=Not alike in any way 2=Barely the same 3=Somewhat alike 4=Very similar 5= Exactly the same

Other things that i found were similar:

  • Back up vocals
  • Layout of the song
  • Both about a man

Other things that i found were different:

  • Speed
  • "My Sweet Lord" is repetitive, and "He's So Fine" is rhymed.

I think that to some extent, song writers will borrow musical ideas off many other people. This is how the music industry changes, as we adapt to other artists and new styles. George Harrison being found guilty of copyright infringement is slightly over the top, as i have heard many other songs which sound so much more alike than these two. Everybody learns and creates ideas through experience and learning through others, because it is in out nature.

If you want to check these songs out for yourself, please go to this address: http://www.benedict.com/audio/Harrison/Harrison.aspx ...and comment on my blog to let me know your opinion!! :)

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