Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video on Free and Open Source Software

Open Software Vs. Free Software

So, what is the differnce between these two.. is the a difference?

-Both are basically the same, except the free software movement puts more emphasis on the freedom to modify and redistribute the code. For example, GNU GPL would be more "free" than MIT licence, because MIT license does not enforce copyleft and thus someone can develop closed-source software based on the code.
See Wikipedia chapter about this, which mentions Microsoft shared source inititive, that can provide you with very unfree source code of their applications.

Scanned picture of Ben

This is an image which i scanned on to the computer, it is a picture of my brother!

Video URL - about Free Software

This is just one of the many videos about Free Software and i chose this one because i think it sums Free Software up pretty good... This is just the URL, but i have also uploaded the video onto my blog for you to watch.. look for recent posts to see it !!


Free Software + Open Source software

This weeks lecture was on Free Software. I am going to upload some things about Free Software and some programmes available....

  • Well.. Free Software or software libre is software that can be used, studied and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed to anybody in anyway.


  • GIMP- Image editing
  • Audacity- Audio editing
  • Blender- 3D-Animation
  • Inkscape- Graphics
  • OpenOffice- Office suite

All of these software programmes are available to use on Windows and Mac.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

George Harrison Vs Ronald Mack

George Harrison was sued for his song 'My Sweet Lord' for allegedly infringing the copyright on the song 'He's So Fine' composed by Ronald Mack and performed by The Chiffons. The copyright was assigned to Bright Tunes Music Corp. 'He's So Fine' was a top hit in 1963.

I have listened to both these songs several times and this is my opinion of the situation:

  • Melody: 2
  • Harmony/Chordal structure:3
  • Rhythm:4
  • Tempo:3
  • Lyrics:3
  • Instruments:2

RATING SYSTEM: 1=Not alike in any way 2=Barely the same 3=Somewhat alike 4=Very similar 5= Exactly the same

Other things that i found were similar:

  • Back up vocals
  • Layout of the song
  • Both about a man

Other things that i found were different:

  • Speed
  • "My Sweet Lord" is repetitive, and "He's So Fine" is rhymed.

I think that to some extent, song writers will borrow musical ideas off many other people. This is how the music industry changes, as we adapt to other artists and new styles. George Harrison being found guilty of copyright infringement is slightly over the top, as i have heard many other songs which sound so much more alike than these two. Everybody learns and creates ideas through experience and learning through others, because it is in out nature.

If you want to check these songs out for yourself, please go to this address: http://www.benedict.com/audio/Harrison/Harrison.aspx ...and comment on my blog to let me know your opinion!! :)

Copyright Terms of Use-Tweet Tweet Cute Free Twitter Bird Icon

I found this image using Google search. This is what it says..

'Yes, another free twitter icon. Dear readers, it’s been a long time since I offered you a freebie. Today I am giving away layered vector file of a cute twitter bird icon!... The icons are totally free from any copyright laws, you can use it for any commercial or personal projects. Only one condition, the icons may not be offered for free downloading directly from any other websites without my permission'.

So pretty much, i can use this image how ever i like, but i can't offer it for free downloading directly from any other site.. without their permission.