Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Digital literacy stuff: Slideshow presentation


Week 3 dig lit

Here are some notes that i took on the week 3 lecture which my be useful to you...
  • Hardware
  • Software

Online software:

  • Access in a browser
  • Access anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Access from any computer
  • Collaborate with others
  • Can be slower, dependant on the Internet connection


  • Referencing with section or page numbers
  • Footnote numbering

Important info about presentation:

  • When you are working on an academic paper, the presentation must be impeccable.
  • Formatting enhances the appearance and readability of the document.
  • Readers can focus on the ideas you present in your paper. and not distracted by formatting inconsistencies.

Referencing/style - Chicago Manual

Handy websites:

-For researching:

-For artists:

Some online software:

  • Google notebook (online)
  • Adobe buzzword (online)
  • Open office (download)

Formatting + Graphic design:

  • Keep it simple
  • Take things away, don't add more
  • Steal! Use other sources for inspiration

Large/small fonts:

  • Too big/small can affect readability
  • Times new roman 12 is defult
  • Avoid fancy/exotic fonts for text body
  • One font is usually enough
  • A sans-serif font can be easier to read and may be appropriate for titles or section headings
  • Keep it simple and to a minimum