Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 10: Online Presence

This week in Digi Lit, we learned about having an 'Online Presence'.

3 Examples of this are:

  • A C.V (Having a C.V online means that anybody can access it from anywhere and it can be done instantly from a computer).
  • Portfolio (By having a portfolio online means that anybody can access it from anywhere at anytime really easily, you can get your name out there as an artist and use it to promote yourself).
  • Information online (So, when you are overseas, you can still have a space online to help you access information from any computer, and you can show people your work etc).

I think that having just a general online space is important and really useful. By having an online presence you can easily show people images of anything, videos you are into, images of your art work, and if you go overseas you can still access it from over there. A blog or a website is a really nice and easy was of having a space, and you can design it and make it your own.

I have decided to use Google Sites for my Online presence!!

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