Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 11: What is Electronic Art?

I looked at the Thomson & Craighead website, and found a little information about them from wikipedia as well...

  • Jon Thomson (born 1969) and Alison Craighead (born 1971) are London-based visual-artists, who work with video, sound and the Internet.
  • Jon Thomson was born in London, England and Alison Craighead in Aberdeen, Scotland.
    They have been working together with video, sound and the Internet since 1993.
  • Much of their work to date explores how technology changes the way we perceive the world around us.
  • They use live data to make artworks, including "template cinema online artworks" and gallery installations, where networked movies are created in real time from online material such as remote-user security web cams, audio feeds and chat room text transcripts.
  • Recently (as of 2008) they have made outdoor semi-permanent works, Decorative Newsfeeds and BEACON, where the emphasis is on how live virtual information might interact with physical public space.
  • In 2008 they made an animated documentary, Flat Earth, where the voices of bloggers found online are combined with public domain satellite imagery.

Flat Earth is one of Thomson & Craigheads short films. Flat Earth is a desktop documentary, which takes the viewer on a seven minute trip around the world so that we encounter a series of fragments taken from real peoples' blogs. These fragments are knitted together to form a kind of story or singular narrative.

The link to this film is http://www.thomson-craighead.net/docs/warfilm.htmlm, and i have also uploaded the clip to my blog.

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